Sorry to say goodbye.


Unfortunately, I've moved on to bigger and better things.  Many people ask if I have a suggestion for other handymen and here it is:  if you are picky about how things look, feel and work, you are the most capable contractor you can hire.  Most of what I was hired for were jobs that can be learned on the internet.  Buy yourself a really nice cordless drill (I'm talking, like, really nice, like $250) and a set of every type of driver bit and you have what did 50% of my work for me.  Become good friends with a tape measure and a level-- like you should spend some really nice, quality time with your tape measure, then you will be another 25% of the way there.  The rest, is unfortunately practice and more little nuisance tools, but you will be satisfied with your own work, or you'll hate me for ever suggesting you try this on your own.  Good luck, and always wear your safety glasses!